Tegan BroadwaterTEGAN BROADWATER’s law enforcement experience began in 1996. There he began a 13-year career at the Fort Worth police department as a decorated undercover officer. His assignments included stints with three Narcotics Units, the Gang Unit, the Homicide Cold Case Unit, and the F.B.I. Gang and Violent Crimes Task Force. As a long-time student at the Rister International Martial Arts Academy, Broadwater also instructed police defensive tactics to recruits and veterans as well as tactical driving courses.

Broadwater received dozens of commendations and awards during his tenure with the Police Department; A Certificate of Merit for going undercover to locate and seize C-4 explosives during a gang retaliation plot, two awards presented by then state senator Mike Moncrief for his protection detail work at “Ground Zero” during the 9-11 catastrophe, and he was a four-time nominee of the Fort Worth Police Department’s Officer of the Year award. He was also awarded for his extraordinary undercover work in Operation Fish Bowl, a self-start project turned massive FBI operation that sentenced 41 violent members of a violent Crip Gang to a total of 629 years of prison time. For that, he earned the US Attorney Commendation Award and the Fort Worth Police Department’s Officer of the Year award. Operation Fish Bowl was also nominated for the F.B.I.’s Overall Case of the Year.

Broadwater has authored this book detailing the experiences from inside this operation with a personal emphasis on true long-term solutions to gang and narcotic trafficking violence on American streets. “Helping children of incarcerated parents break the cycle of violence and removing the acceptance of having multiple children without a life plan is the end goal.”

In May of 2008, in search of a new way to change lives for the better, Broadwater left the police department and founded Tactical Systems Network, LLC (TSN) in Fort Worth, Texas. This foundationally faith-rich security firm serves its clients with high-level strategic security consultations, armed protection, training, investigation, and custom safety and security services. TSN provides these elite services to private wealth individuals and families, high profile executives and businesses, religious organizations, victims of violence, schools, hospitals, politicians, domestic and foreign governments, celebrities, professional sports franchises and athletes.

Broadwater currently resides in Texas with his wife and son.

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