For me there's no more compelling reading than books written by cops who can write. An undercover cop who captures the real drama of what it is like to act for your life is the most "unputdownable" of all. This, in particular, is must reading for every cop in or out of uniform. Tegan Broadwater taught me a few things that are going into my lesson plan for "Undercover Survival Tactics."

- Mike Levine,
Author of NY Times Bestseller DEEP COVER and national bestseller THE BIG WHITE LIE ______________________________________________

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Tegan Broadwater was the consummate outside insider. Pretending to be a high-end cocaine dealer, he infiltrated a deadly gang, won their trust and embarked on a mission to put them away. Ultimately, it became a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between two men: Tegan, the undercover, and M.D., the cagey drug lord with a street-level MBA. Only one of them would be left standing.

LIFE IN THE FISH BOWL is Tegan’s first-person journey from green patrol cop to gangsters’ friend to Crip-buster, loaded with action and inside information. It’s also a fascinating eyewitness account of clotted police bureaucracy, hierarchical thug life and the hazy netherworld of a man who had to move through both of them.This is an intimate, unflinching, behind-the-lines story of one man’s time in the War on Drugs and gangs, his surprising relationships and emotional attachment toward the ones he sought to stop, and his descent into a life that most people can’t imagine.

Tegan came out on the other end, a year and a half later, a changed man. 
He also learned a few things. The purported War on Drugs is still futile, gang life and the violence associated with it can be thwarted, and there is a dire need for strategically mentoring the children who become inadvertent victims in these operations. Breaking the cycle of violence, removing the acceptance of young, urban youth from having multiple children without a life plan, and mentoring children of incarcerated parents is THE best place to start a true war against gang and drug violence on our American streets.

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