Tegan Broadwater is a CEO, musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of, “Life in the Fishbowl – The harrowing true story of one cop who took down 51 of the nation’s most notorious Crips and his cultural awakening amidst a poor, gang-infested neighborhood”.

Tegan’s unique experience in the worlds of business, music, and rare deep undercover work ignited a passion for contributing to positive social change. His contributions manifest in creative projects that purposefully spark conversations between different people about important issues such as systemic racism, police & community relations, and criminal reciprocity experienced by boys without fathers.

Tegan spends most days running his company, writing & recording thought-provoking tunes, investing time and money into his favorite charities, public speaking, working out, and sharing an occasional fine whiskey with his son or exclusive bros. But mostly, he enjoys spending invaluable time with his best friend and wife, Holli – just doing whatever [she wants].
Learn more about Tegan and his current doings at www.TeganBroadwater.com


This is no typical undercover story. This is a human story. Whom will you root for?

Follow Tee, an undercover cop, as he attempts to infiltrate a deadly set Crips to salvage a neighborhood of innocents held hostage by violence, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Watch him work his way deep into this criminal organization in search of the kingpin, X-Man – a ruthless murderer moving millions of dollars worth of narcotics every month through a poor, ethnic neighborhood. Learn the tricks he used to get inside and feel the dramatic intensity when failure seems imminent. Share in his unexpected compassion for some of these criminals who came from broken homes in poor neighborhoods as you glimpse inside a gang culture rarely seen. And learn creative new ways to break the cycles of violence sadly so prevalent in our modern-day American culture.

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